The Consultancy Clinic aids you to explore your business through various perspectives and methods.

Further assistance when fleshing out ideas and concepts are achieved through help from our consultants, who aim to cross-examine your business or idea to aid growth and further development. Focus on elements you desire rather than being restricted to a set topic (as in Table at Ten). By allowing you to plot the basic navigation of each session, you can ensure efficient progress is made.

At the Consultancy Clinic we aim to focus on business development through such things as scanning your current condition and identifying the major pain points. By highlighting such issues we are able to better guide you in taking steps in the right direction, in turn stimulating growth. Granting clients selective focus, places the steering wheel in their hands, giving them a sense of control and allowing them to relax knowing any topics of high importance will be covered.

Unpack your current business & ideas with structure and guidance.

Form a practical action plan, helping you to actualise the steps required.

Receive aid towards developing a clear strategy.

Benefit from the ADD+ Chart as you plot your way to progress.

Work on more focused goal-setting, honing in on your targets.

Have your performance reviewed via an ADD+ Analysis, aiding your overall understanding.



From attending a consultancy session you will gain a much clearer business strategy, working alongside our consultants to aid your overall goal-mapping.

This all helps to craft and design a great action plan primed for execution. Through initial analysis we are able to tailor a custom client experience, whether your business just requires a check-up or is in need of some first aid!

Below are some of the consultancy packages we currently have on offer.




Site breakdown

Brainstorming session


Summary document

Platform insight



Business/idea breakdown

Strategy development


Action plan

Chart & Analysis

The Bespoke Business package is varied for each client.

Table at Ten is a workshop hosted to encourage the understanding and development of business. It consists of a main topic that is covered throughout the workshop, broken down and analysed.

One of the main aims is to make the topics covered common knowledge and rather familiar, giving attendees more peace of mind when coming across similar circumstances in their day-to-day business practice.

Table at Ten tickets start from £20






Time for some ADD+ ition: NASA

Time for some ADD+ ition: NASA

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What Are You Reading: Dijian Eccles?

What Are You Reading: Dijian Eccles?

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