How do you feel today?

What was the last thing you told yourself?

Many of us neglect the power of self-talk. What we think about others, and most importantly ourselves, can have a huge impact on our overall mindset. To some, thinking positively and speaking positively may come with ease, yet to others not so much so. A few powerful words and in turn thoughts, can not only set the tone of your day but if compounded upon can affect your week, month or even years. Isn’t it great to know outcome of your reality is actually in your hands? You can be the determining factor of the direction in which the pendulum swings!

Practicing the way you talk to yourself will in turn affect self-esteem and confidence. Like most things, practice is required to improve, replacing negative with positive and in turn creating a better present and future for yourself.

Below are 10 ways you can change the tone in which you speak to yourself, heightening the positive impact upon yourself:


LISTEN Pay attention to the current talk you are having with yourself.


CHALLENGE Confront the the any self-talk you don’t agree with or lacks true evidence.


CHANGE If you find the way you are asking to yourself is highly negative, now is your time to change it.
Substitute those words!


GRATITUDE Recognise what in your life you are grateful for.


AFFIRMATION Through the use of positive affirmations you can further instil confidence in self.


BELIEVE If you believe you will win, you will. Use your power of positive belief to bolster your confidence, rather than hider it.


VISUALISE Seeing is believing, “If you can see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand.” This quote from Bob Proctor reminds us of the power of visualisation.


EXERCISE With such positive benefits, exercise and movement do well in uplifting us, lowering anxiety, increasing creativity and so much more!


AID Helping overs allow us to increase optimism and belief in good, being a walking example of it.


CUT Some individuals around you are not conducive to the positive mindset you want to maintain or attain.
Opt to distance yourself from overly negative individuals around you (or cut them out!) and watch your positive self-talk bloom!

Check out some more ways to honour yourself below:

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