Welcome to the ADD+ Purpose Pack.

A monthly card collection designed to boost your mindset and grow your understanding.

The Purpose Pack is a daily numeral reminder of how far into your year you are, accompanied by a quote to enhance and develop your perspective.

The aim is for as many people to have access to the Purpose Pack and for those who purchase to incorporate it into their daily routine, love it and spread the word on their experience. That being said, Add Purpose is a lot more than this offering, yet it is our first true creation and embodiment of the brand’s ethos of “adding purpose”.


Each pack contains one card for each day of that month. When drawing your daily card a quote will be provided to provoke a theme of thought for the day. These quotes aim to inspire, uplift, envigorate and intrigue. Each month will also contain a special suprise, giving first access to Purpose Pack owners before others via advertising on socials etc.



The cost of a Purpose Pack is based on the subscription type:

Love Purpose – £180 per year
Live Purpose – £17 per month (minimum of 3 months)
Taste Purpose – £20

ADD+ Purpose community members (mailing list subscribers) can access a Purpose Pack for the price of £17 (the same as our monthly offering).


International Purpose


Taste Purpose

One-time payment

Receive your Purpose Pack that month

Delivery included




/per month

Live Purpose

Monthly subscription payment

Receive your Purpose Pack each month


Receive better value (£22 per pack)

Delivery included


/per year

Love Purpose

Yearly subscription payment

Receive your Purpose Pack each month for a year


Receive best value (equates to £20 per pack)

Delivery included

If you are located in the UK and would like to purchase a Purpose Pack, click the button below.



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Time for some ADD+ ition: NASA

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How would you invest: Starbucks?

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