ADD+ Ice 3D Bookmark


320 Purpose Points.


Can you put your thoughts and emotions on ice?

Being in control of your thoughts and feelings is no easy feat at times. However, in order to gift yourself the best judgement, it is best practice to rid yourself of unnecessary ties to emotional bias.

This nylon bookmark , acts as a reminder to “just do the work,” yet also to remember to remain cool, calm and collected.

Place that part in your current book, that  you’ve read up to, on ice. Keep it on freeze until you’re ready to return by opting to ADD+ Ice.

Material: Nylon SLS.
Dimensions:  4cm x 0.5cm x 15cm
Weight: 30g
Print Method: 3D Printed

  • 3D printed bookmark.
  • Complimented with black, silk tassel.
  • Front and back design.
  • Durable material.

All orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging.

*** We do not accept returns on this item, unless severely damaged ***