ADD+ Pyramid Principle


320 Purpose Points.


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Are you prepared to craft the steps to achieve what you desire?

Businessman, engineer and former CEO of Intel, Andrew S. Grove, is quoted as saying “The absolute truth is that if you don’t know what you want, you won’t get it.” Hence why it is so important for you to clearly state and map out what you wish to acquire or achieve.

This 3-poster pack acts as an aid to help you track and achieve your goals. Employing an ADD+ method known as "The Pyramid Principle" on one side, the poster acts as a tool guiding you to set, break down and accomplish your goals in a less stressful and more manageable way. The opposite side (soft-touch laminated) displays our iconic add purpose® logo along with our common phrase/mantra: "just do the work!"

So, if you're ready to ADD+ some structure to your goal-setting these next few months and wish to achieve some outstanding goals, look no further! Grab yourself your our ADD+ Pyramid Principle 3-Poster Pack and start turning those dreams into reality.

Material: Paper (1 side laminated)
Size: A3
Weight: 250 gsm
Quantity: 3 posters included

  • 3-Pack poster set.
  • Goal-setting calendar on one side, large logo and quote on the opposite side.


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