Purpose Pack


800 Purpose Points.


A monthly card collection designed to boost your mindset and grow your understanding.

The Purpose Pack is a daily numeral reminder of how far into your year you are, accompanied by a quote to enhance and develop your perspective.

The aim is for as many people to have access to the Purpose Pack and for those who purchase to incorporate it into their daily routine, love it and spread the word on their experience. That being said, Add Purpose is a lot more than this offering, yet it is our first true creation and embodiment of the brand’s ethos of “adding purpose”.

Material: Paper
Dimensions:  7cm x 12cm
Weight: 3.54oz/ 120g
Print Method: Digital

  • 30-33 cards per pack (dependant on month).
  • Matte laminated box.
  • Quotes + countdown for each day of the month.
  • Special card unlocking early access to a surprise.

All orders are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging.