Table at Ten is a workshop hosted to encourage the understanding and development of business. It consists of a main topic that is covered throughout the workshop, broken down and analysed.

One of the main aims is to make the topics covered common knowledge and rather familiar, giving attendees more peace of mind when coming across similar circumstances in their day-to-day business practice.

Another key element of Table at Ten is the guest speaker segment. During this section attendees are able to hear from successful business owners possessing a wealth of experience and also ask any questions. Attendees have direct access to hearing the numerous and valuable gems said speakers have to offer.

Goal-setting is heavily practised during each workshop, as allocated time is specifically outlined to apply the ADD+ approach to this critical task. Group interaction is prominent throughout the workshop, as Table at Ten aims to house a community of forward-thinking minds, willing to grow together and learn from each other; practicing an “each one, teach one” philosophy. This aspect of community in turn creates an environment suitable for accountability from peers. The benefit of an accountability community aids keeping attendees on track with their goals when they leave and ultimately return the following month.

Come join us for our Monthly ADD+ (builder) events.

Focus on the growth and development that will aid your progression

Bring along a notepad and pen and let us help you carve out your goal-progression path.

Join a problem-solving community designed to aid and test your ideas.

Connect with like-minded individuals and trade skills to aid each other’s journey.

Boost your drive and determination.




At Table at Ten the act of skill trading is encouraged, as attendees may encounter individuals that can aid them along their business journey. Conversation between attendees is championed, as it enhances understanding and progression.

The workshop also provides a perfect testbed for new concepts/ideas, giving attendees the opportunity to carry out a form of consumer research, whilst also benefiting from the brilliant feedback they can receive. Table at Ten houses like-minded individuals ready for growth, who have a passion for knowing more.

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Location: Online

Duration: 10:00am – 12:30pm


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Entry to each month’s Table at Ten

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Workshop handout

Join an Inspiring Community

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Tickets for Table at Ten can be purchased 2 different ways:
1.) One-Time Ticket purchase

One-Time Tickets are valid for entry to solely the Table at Ten workshop that they are purchased for, they also include a 20% discount on all ADD+ merchandise for an entire month from the date of purchase.

Subscription is a monthly payment granting entry to each month’s Table at Ten alongside discounts on merchandise, extra talks, events and more.



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